BM8 by Black Bunker

The world's first
foldable break barrel
survival air rifle

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The airgun is the ideal survival rifle - it can shoot nearly indefinitely. Black Bunker is proud to introduce the first foldable break barrel Survival Air Rifle named the BM8. The compact design makes it easy to store and transport. It fits easily in a backpack, car trunk, motorbike storage box, shelf or on your wall. The triangular waterproof storage box offers space to include your survival kit, knife, pellets and or other tools.

The BM8 opening sequence

Color Options

Coyote Tan

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Full Black

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Features & Accessories

Barrel breech protection cover

survival kit

Waterproof storage case

Folded Unit

Optional survival knife with bayonet attachment

War, terror, pandemic, energy crisis, economic recession, climate change, political instability, religious- and territorial conflicts are all threats that we must face as humans on planet earth so the question is - are YOU prepared to adapt when things go from bad to apocalypse?

The vision of Black Bunker is to create superior tactical survival gear to companion and protect the vigilant citizen in urban- and wilderness environments.

Adapt. Survive

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Black Bunker Is a KORE OUTDOOR brand

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